R.K. Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, located on 33 rai of area (52,800 sq. m.) at No.260 Moo 8, Nakhon Chedi sub-district, Pasang district in Lamphun Province.  The company runs preserved-longan manufacturing and agricultural-product transmuting business under the operation of Khun Ram and Khun Kanchana Pongphrueksathon who have 10-year experience in manufacturing preserved longan.  R.K. Food Co., Ltd. is considered the first company in Thailand which applies steamer oven technology to operate in preserved longan manufacture.  Since 203, the company built only 18 steamer ovens, but then in 2005, more 18 steamer ovens were built.  In 2007, more 24 steamer ovens were built that until now, there are 60 steamer ovens which can support up to 250,000 kgs. of fresh longans a day.

         At this moment, R.K Food Co., Ltd. has increased another branch located on 40 rai of area (64,000 sq.m.) at No.43 Moo 11, Pa Pai sub-district, Li district in Lamphun Province.  This branch had started the construction since January 2008, and finished since May 2008 as the production process has begun since June 2008.  Regarding to this branch, the company has built more 50 steamer ovens that is capable to receive up to 500,000 kgs. of fresh longan while the company utilizes advanced technology for manufacturing process.  Most importantly, the company has been certified for ISO 9001:2000 standard and GMP system.  This shows the potential in business’ operation by mainly considering “Products’ quality and cleanliness” which will lead to “Customers’ satisfaction” respectively.








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